Advantages of Loft Boarding

25 Dec

A very popular misconception about loft board is that normal loft boarding does not affect your house in any way. However this is totally wrong. Having normal loft boarding installed will definitely have adverse affects on your house. Costs can start piling up immediately especially when damp becomes prevalent and goes undetected. Discover more about the advantages of loft boarding.

One of the biggest disadvantages of installing this type of system is that it is an open plan storage unit. You have no idea whether the items you stored are secure or not. If not then you might risk having them stolen. If this were to happen then you would need to replace them and that can become a very expensive proposition.

Another disadvantage of installing this type of system is that it presents a weak point for anyone who wants easy access to the attic. If you have a family pet then loft storage can prove very difficult to fit in for even the simplest of doors. You have to use either a dog door or some kind of security device in order to avoid the problem and still be able to store your valuable items.

Another issue is that you have to use a ladder to gain access to your loft boarding. This can present a huge safety issue as there is no guarantee that the ladder is stable. If it were to fall off the wall supports on which it rests could collapse and cause a serious accident. This is especially true if it were to lean against the opposite wall. It is therefore advisable to use ladders that are solidly constructed.

The final issue is the heat loss through the roof. In many rural properties this can cause substantial problems as heat loss through the roof is not always covered by your loft boarding installed. A lot of heat passes through the roof onto the ground and this has to be vented. Many companies now offer insulation that is designed to reduce heat loss through the roof. A professional insulation company should be able to advise you how much heat your property loses through your roof.

Installing attic boarding will provide you with a durable, safe and secure storage space. Your home will look much larger and rooms will appear more spacious. Your property value will rise and you will have more money available for spending on other upgrades. Many homeowners find that they cannot live without this simple solution to their storage problems and it also adds an extra layer of security to their property. To find the best loft installer, click here now!

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